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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shooting Daze: Grungey Fall Vibes

Behind the scenes MAKEUP BREAKDOWN of the recent beauty shoot I did with Photographer Jenn Collins, Model Bridget Satterlee, and Hair Stylist Marissa Cydya. 

Sorry about the blurriness, taken from my Iphone,
behind the scenes.

On the eyes, to give the appearance of a white-gold shimmer, I used Giorgio Armani cream eyeshadow in Pearl.
Lip here is MAC Lip Liner in Chicory with a hint of Rose Salve Lip Balm on top.
Subtle glow on the skin is Anastasia Beverly Hills Starlight Illuminator. 

The face was all cream products except for the highlight.  

Skin is RCMA Foundation Palette, but I only used it mostly for covering up any little imperfections here and there, and the cooler tones (grey tones) for a slight cream contour.  Bridget had amazing freckles, and I wanted them to show through.
On the eyes ||  Charlotte Tilbury Film Star On The Go bronze cream eyeshadow, with LORAC eyeshadow in Topaz on top
and Gold next to the tear duct.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel was all these brows needed! They were already pretty filled in and shapely. I personally love a more natural brow.
The lip was two MAC lip liners, Subculture first and Nude right in the center.
Chaos Makeup highlight in Mynxi to add a little more of a dewy glow to the face. 

Amping up the grunge on the last look! 
Making the eyes darker by adding some more shadows from the LORAC Pro Mega Palette in Opal, Merlot and Espresso.
Topping it off with a small amount of Boscia Beauty Oil to give that wet effect.
Added another Chaos Makeup highlight in Fawn (gold) to the skin.
The lip was a mixture of MAC lip liners in Nightmoth and Burgundy.
Added a drop of Boscia Beauty Oil to the center of the lips as well. 
Behind The Scenes: Makeup in Progress
Selfie on set! :)

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