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Monday, January 18, 2016

Save The Date!

A story.
A very true, unsettling story.

Now this happens to be a tricky subject in any line of work, 
but it is found especially in the Beauty Industry.

SAVE THE DATE! Booked! Confirmed! I'm so excited!
What a fantastic opportunity! 
Oh!... You want to book me for this date as well?.. I'm sorry, I'm already holding that date 
for another client. But damn!.. That would have been an amazing shoot as well...
............... Oh well! They asked me to reserve those days for them, and I told them I would! 
So I'm sorry, I'm going to have to pass up this job. 

Now, you have this tight feeling in your stomach.  It always seems to happen this way right?
Two or more, amazing jobs come at you at once! Asking to book you for the same day(s),
but you had already told the first client/company you would hold it for them,
and you are a person of your word! So, you sadly reject the other incredible offer. 
Your mind starts running. Did I make the right decision?
Should I have taken the other job over this one?
No, no.. stick to your word!

A week passes

What?!... You're canceling/moving/dropping the shoot all together?! 
But.. but I saved those days for you like you asked, LIKE YOU TOLD ME TO!
Shit. Ssshhhiiiiiitttt!
I have to get back to that other job I turned down for you!! 

Hey, hey! I am available now! I would love to wor-....
Oh. You booked somebody else.
No, it's fine! Really.. I completely understand. 


Being in this sort of situation sucks, to say the least. You had two or more incredible offers,
you wind up with none.
You start to blame yourself, the company/client that fucked you over, the world,
the universe, why me, WHY?!!!!
But what can you do about it? Nothing.
I really do always hate to be the one to say it:
You have to learn from it.

I decided to ask a couple professionals in different categories of the Beauty Industry:
(Photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, stylists)
How they would handle this situation and what to do in the future to try and avoid another
case of this at all costs. 
This was their overwhelming response.

Never trust anybody who asks you to hold a date without a firm confirmation,
and a small to half deposit. 
Even if it's a friend or family! Don't just trust words, trust money.
People in this industry flake or cancel or reschedule ALL THE FREAKIN TIME,
on a dime! 
They really don't take into consideration everyone else they are essentially screwing over,
they think, What's the big deal? We had to move it!
But of course, on your end you feel betrayed, worried about money,
and you may have even turned down another job for this one! 
You could lash back saying those exact things. How dare you!
Do you know what I rejected to save this date?! You can't do this! How unfair!

But honey, it really does nothin' for nobody. 
At least, taking some sort of a deposit to hold your spot for those days (or that day)
will make you feel a little more at ease if anything goes array.
You got some sort of compensation right?
It may not make you feel better about losing out on another fabulous job,
but it's a whole lot better then ending up with jack shit. 

What are your thoughts on this situation?
Has this ever happened to you or a friend?
How do you handle it?
Because believe me, you are not alone.

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