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Thursday, November 5, 2015

LORAC Pro Mega Palette 2

When this baby arrived at my door step, I couldn't contain my happiness!  The first one, LORAC Pro Mega Palette, is still one of my favorite go-to palettes for any occasion, so I just knew the second one would have to be as good or even better! Well... you know what?

I was completely correct!! The pigmentation of these shadows is incredible, and the fact that there is little to NO fallout makes me love them even more.  I have come to find that super pigmented, bright shadows from various makeup brands tend to have extreme fallout, which really rubs me the wrong way. When I see a shadow reacts that way to a brush or even a finger, I tend to stop using those shadows/palettes and they get forever left behind.. 

But not with these shadows from LORAC! Another thing I found very intriguing about this particular palette was the softness of each shadow.  When I did my swatches of each color on my arm, some went on sooo smooth it was almost like a cream in powder form. I love it!

These swatches were taken inside, under a ring light, with no flash. No Primer was used prior to putting them on, just swatched on plain skin. 
The first two rows of the palette are all super matte shadows, giving such a great color range from all earth tones, cool greys and purples, and some yummy mauves as well. 
Absolutely PERFECT for Fall and Winter!! 

The last 2 rows in the Palette are all Metallic, Shimmery, Highlight colors! LORAC really hit the nail on the head for these shadows.  They give such a great range from all the super light highlight colors that everyone looks for for that brow highlight, inner tear duct highlight, or maybe even a pop in the middle of the lid for that glow! Then the shadows get into the Penny Metal Colors, which as we all know, are the staples of any Fall or Winter look. 

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